C# Staff

Job description
–  Code C# projects.
–  Propose changes to the system structure, programming style to improve the system.
–  Document the design ideas, research results, edits…
–  Proficient in object-oriented programming, Linq and entity framework.
–  Have worked with SQLServer or MySQL, proficient in windows form.
–  Know how to use source management tool (Git or SVN).
–  Understand UI, UX.
–  Good health, able to self-learn, propose.
–  High sense of responsibility in work.
–  Priority for candidates who know foreign languages (English or Japanese or German).
–  Knowing mobile programming (android, IOS) is an advantage.
–  Dynamic, friendly working environment.
–  Many opportunities for personal development: Have a high chance to learn new technologies through specialized lectures (invite experts to teach at the company) be promoted.
–  Work from Monday to Friday (from 8h30-17h30) rest on Saturday and Sunday
–  Competitive salary (from 10,000,000 – 20,000,000 VND / month). The company evaluates the ability and reviews the salary 2 times / year.
–  Have additional allowance for travel expenses.
–  Especially have bonus for each project after completion.
–  Have 12 days of annual leave.
–  Enjoy 13th month salary, holiday bonus…
–  Fully pay social insurance-medical insurance-unemployment insurance,personal income tax, other contents comply with the Labor Law of Vietnam.
–  Participate in team building activities, weekly sports activities.
–  Other benefits: Travel / periodic health check.
Send mail: tuyendung.vietvang.net@gmail.comhttps://translate.google.com/
Deadline for submission: 01/31/2022



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