Recruiting JAVA Programmers

I.Job description :

• Code Java Web projects of Japanese customers.
• Priority is given to communicate with customers in Japanese or English.
• Create documents to compile and send to customers.
• Design and implement Java-based applications.
• Analyze user requirements to inform application design.
• Determine application goals and functions.
• Align application design with business goals.
• Software development and testing.
• Detect errors and resolve technical problems that arise.
• Prepare detailed design documents.
• Propose changes to existing Java software.
• Develop multimedia applications.
•  Develop documentation to support users.

II.Job requirements:

• Have at least 1 year of experience working with Java/JEE.
• Experience working with Spring framework (Spring-core, Spring-boot, Spring Security), JDBC, Hibernate, MyBatis.
• Experience working with Web Framework (Spring MVC, Spring Rest, strusts), JavaScript framework (Jquery).
• Experience in multi-threaded processing.
• Know how to use source version management tools (Git, SVN, Maven).
• Experience working with Web Container (Tomcat) is an advantage.
• Have good knowledge of relational databases (MySQL).

III.Right :

• Attractive salary regime, with 13th month salary, annual bonus consideration, additional bonuses on holidays, Tet, quarterly evaluation to consider salary increase 2 times/year, ability will be evaluated at the time .
• Get 12 days off/year and still receive normal salary.
• Work from Monday to Friday (from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.) with Saturday off and full social insurance, often organize periodic health checks at large hospitals in HCM.
• Often organize meals, parties at companies or restaurants, and year-end party programs
• Working with leading domestic and foreign experts will help you accumulate and improve your knowledge.
• Overseas business trips are like traveling, sponsored team activities, exchange to improve programming knowledge and practical experience.
• Improve communication skills in English and Japanese because most projects are with Hong Kong and Japanese customers… you will find their culture extremely interesting.
• Travel every year, explore specialties and famous landmarks.
• Spacious, airy and comfortable office. Wear comfortably what you like simply so you can unleash your creativity. There are cakes, tea, coffee, fast food served…

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