1. Job description
  • Code PHP, C# projects
  • Propose changes in system structure and program writing to improve the system.
  • Document design ideas, investigation results, and revisions…
  1. Job requirements
  • The company recruits a large number of new graduates and programmers at the senior level.
  • Good health, ability to self-study and make suggestions.
  • High sense of responsibility at work
  • Know how to work in a team and comply with superiors’ requests.
  • Priority is given to people who know Java
  • Priority is given to candidates with experience in interface design, html, css, javascript.
  • Priority is given to people who know foreign languages (English or Japanese).
  1. Welfare
  • Working from Monday to Friday, off Saturday and Sunday
  • Wage agreement
  • Social insurance according to regulations
  • Subsidized gasoline and lunch
  • There are project bonuses, Tet, holidays, etc.
Workplace: 7 Tran Xuan Hoa, Ward 7, District 5, Ho Chi Minh City.
Contact: Ms. Tran

Email: tran_nhb@vietvang.net;

Tel: 08 6265 1411

website: http://vietvang.net



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