Successful in posting news and fastest results of the 2014 Golden Racket International Table Tennis Tournament.

Last July, Viet Vang Company, the website builder and operator for the Ho Chi Minh City Table Tennis Federation, successfully operated (2nd year in a row) the function of posting live results for the tournament. 2014 Golden Racquet Tournament. Currently, website of the Ho Chi Minh Football Federation is the only website among the websites of sports departments in Vietnam that has a specially designed database system (DataBase). for storing and displaying match results. With 2 consecutive years of success in entering and reporting match results, Viet Vang can be confident about the rationality of the Database design, website architecture, ready for many tournaments. after that.

Especially, this year, Viet Vang has further developed the Video Library function for website in the same way that the international table tennis (ITTF) website has done, please visit at:  http ://


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