New points in Decree 38/2022/ND-CP on regional minimum wage compared to Decree 90/2019/ND-CP

  1. From July 1, 2022, the monthly regional minimum wage of workers will be adjusted to increase (from 180,000 VND – 260,000 VND) compared to Decree 90/2019/ND-CP and for the first time there is a regulation on the salary level. The hourly regional minimum wage in Decree 38/2022/ND-CP is specifically as follows:
Area Minimum monthly salary

(unit VND/month)

Minimum hourly wage

(unit VND/month)

Area I 4,680,000 22,500
Region II 4,160,000 20,000
Region III 3,640,000 17,500
Region IV 3,250,000 15,600

2. No longer stipulates that the regional minimum wage of workers who have undergone vocational training is 7% higher than that of workers working in normal conditions from July 1, 2022.

3. Some areas are adjusted from region II to region I, region III to region II and region IV to region III as detailed in the Appendix issued with Decree 38/2022/ND-CP

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