5 basic difficulties that Vietnamese people who have been abroad for a long time face when returning to Vietnam to work.

I myself am someone who studied and worked in Japan for more than 10 years, then returned to Vietnam to work (at the age of 30) and then opened my own company. I would like to make a few SUBJECTIVE comments on the topic “Difficulties”. When a Vietnamese person in Japan returns to Vietnam, he will encounter the following.

Economic difficulties

In Japan, the average salary is not as high as in the US or Germany, but is basically at least around 60, 70 million VND/month (including bonuses). This salary is 3 times higher than the salary for people with decent ability in Vietnam (20 million). While spending in Japan is basically only slightly higher than in big cities like Saigon and Hanoi (For example, a party in Japan costs 3,000 yen = 600K, then in Vietnam it’s also 400K), so going back to Vietnam At first, money will be quite tight.

Relationship difficulties

To sell products, relationships are needed everywhere, but in Vietnam relationships are sometimes the deciding factor (not QUALITY). If a person leaves Vietnam for a long time, of course their relationships in Vietnam will fade over time, so it will be very difficult for that person to develop in Sales jobs.

Difficulty in completing work

In Japan, in a company, when doing something, if you have difficulty, your boss will usually arrange assistants with you to help you complete the job. In Vietnam, there are rarely such good (psychological) bosses. So either you will have to work twice as hard, or you will have to give up and not get the job done.

About the ability to argue

In Japan, people usually argue constructively, so you will also be less tired of pointless opinions. In Vietnam, sometimes people argue because they just want to win, so if you are not alert, you will be caught up in this WIN AND LOSE CULTURE. Some successful businessmen in Vietnam have very good debating skills because they have been trained a lot through this environment.

Ability to respond to unexpected situations

In Japan, when people promise to bring things to you at 10:55, they will be there at 9:55 a.m., but in Vietnam it is more likely that they will be there at 10:00 the next day, so successful people in Vietnam are People need to calculate all these possibilities and know how to create pressure, reminders, etc. to minimize delays at a certain stage. A person who has been in Japan for a long time usually does not have this ability. Being late is a small thing, sometimes there are other UNSURPRISE things like they put the company in your name and then they turn around and blackmail you.

So if you decide to return to Vietnam, you must both overcome the above weaknesses and have other strengths to compensate such as FOREIGN LANGUAGES AND RELATIONSHIPS GAINED FROM JAPAN.


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